Meet Our Pack


Hi there, my name is Sheri and these are my dogs Trey and Dizzy we moved up here from Florida. We love the colors here in the Fall and the Spring. I have loved animals all my life. .I love all dogs and cats and I believe that a animal can sense that about a person. My mother use to say that if they were giving away Elephants I would want to bring one home 🙂 I believe that a pet is family and all they know is how to love.



Hi! I’m Raphael. Originally from Florida, I’ve spent the past few years living in North and South Carolina where I attended school for engineering. Growing up, I was always around animals and have owned or taken care of everything from cats and dogs to horses and even a potty-trained pig! I currently live in Littleton with my wife. We both were avid equestrians (polo for me) and hope to pick it up again soon. We currently have two rescue mutts, Lilly and Marty, and we can’t wait to add a third!



Hi my name is Sierra! Since a very young age I have bonded with all types of animals. It is rewarding for me to care for all types of pets even the spunky ones! I’m in the process of obtaining my veterinary technician degree and will likely go on for veterinary medicine. Animals deserve the best love and care!
Hello, my name is Amanda and I’ve been a pet owner my whole life. I have two rescue cats that I brought to the states with me after working in South Korea for 8 years (teaching ESL).
I currently work at the Denver Zoo and have lots of experience with animals of all shapes and sizes. I like reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, etc. I look forward to working with you and getting to know you and your pet better! 




Hi! I’m Sarah, I moved to Colorado in 2012, and haven’t looked back! I’ve always had a passion for working with animals. I have a degree in Zoology, and spent many years working as an environmental educator for a zoo, and State Parks. I have volunteered at veterinary clinics, aquariums, raptor rehabs, and wildlife sanctuaries. I also worked at a boarding kennel, and enjoy living vicariously through other peoples pets! While growing up in Vermont I owned horses, dogs, and cats. I currently own a leopard gecko named Dibble.  


 Hi I’m Shelly. I am a Denver native and an animal lover. I received a cat when I was 2 years old and that cat lived to be 23 years old. My two oldest children came along before she left us for cat heaven. Throughout my life I have had pets- dogs, cats, bunnies, fish, and hamsters. I have raised my children to respect and care for pets as I do. They too have a gift with connecting with all furry friends. I have always had a bond with animals and I am excited to meet your pets and am grateful that you trust me with their care.

Petsitter Wren


Wren is a lifetime dog guardian, who believes a good walk or roll is a cure for many ailments.  Born and raised in the southwest, she is a Level 4 Healing Touch for Animals practitioner, a student of Healing Touch (for people), and a Reiki Master.  Also a mother, she and her son are part of a pack of four (dog and cat), a source of great joy for one another.


Kimberly UriosteHi, my name is Kim!  I have lived in Colorado my entire life and in Denver since 1993. I work full time in the Health Care and have been in my current job for 20 yrs. Upon looking for a second job I was so excited to be able to have this opportunity.  There is no way to explain my love & excitement to work with animals.  I have my own fur babies at home (2 chihuahuas) one that is special needs, and I also volunteer at the Maxfund 



Hi my name is Ally and I moved here with my family from Atlanta, GA in June 2004. I have finished school and graduated from DeVry University in Feb. 2008 and I have my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I love pets, and I can take care of dogs, cats, fish and small mammals.  I love this job and I have been pet sitting for around 11 years. 




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